Creating Reports

The fastest way to create a report in Nexus is to use the installed, default settings. However, you can configure the contents and format of a prediction or query report. You can save or send a customised report design as an attachment to an email when creating a report for a single prediction, but not from the Report Configuration section of the Batch Prediction Setup pages.

To create a report using the default settings:

  1. Select the prediction in the Predictions pane. For ICH M7 predictions, select the combined prediction, not the Derek or Sarah prediction.

  2. Click , or select Tools | Report | Create Report to open the Create Report form.

  3. Save or email your report.


The options in the Create Report form are specific to the program that you are using. See the relevant program help for details of report designs, formats and other options.

The report options for batch predictions are contained in the batch prediction setup pages. Refer to the Derek Batch Prediction Setup, Sarah Batch Prediction Setup and ICH M7 Batch Prediction Setup topics for details.

Saving Reports

To save a report:

  1. Click Save Report.

  2. Select its location and enter a name for the report, then click Save.

Sending Reports as Email Attachments

To email a report, click Email Report. If Microsoft Outlook is installed, an email message window opens. The Subject field is populated automatically and the report is attached.