Saving Report Designs

In order to customise the content of your reports you can edit the contents of the report designs then save the changes as a new custom design. You can then rename and delete your own custom report designs, but you cannot change the Lhasa-supplied designs.

Lhasa-supplied designs are identified by a lock symbol .

Any report designs that you create are included in the Report Designs list and are available when creating reports in future, including creating reports for batch predictions, where available. However, you can only save customisations to report designs when creating a single report, not when batch processing.

Refer to the Report Designs and Formats topic for the application you are interested in for information about the Lhasa-supplied designs and associated file formats.

To save a custom report design

  1. Select an existing report design.

  2. Change the contents of the report using the fields in the Sections/Columns/Contents and/or Options tabs (refer to the Report Options topics for the relevant program for details of the options in these tabs), then click Save As.

  3. Name the report design, then click Save. The new design is listed with the existing report designs.

Note Once created, report designs can be edited and re-saved by selecting the custom design, making your changes and clicking Save.

To rename a custom report design

  1. Select a custom report design, then click Rename.

  2. Enter a new name, then press <Enter>.

To delete a custom report design

  1. Select a custom report design, then click Delete.

  2. Confirm the deletion.