About the Structure Editor

For a brief introduction to using the structure editor, play the Providing Structures tutorial available from the Help | Nexus Tutorials menu.

The structure editor enables you to draw or import structures for processing. Its components are shown in the graphic and detailed in the table below.

The structure editor contains the following components:

1. Standard tool bar

Buttons for commands, such as select part of structure, import structure, export structure, delete selected part of structure, zoom and scale.

Note: You can only import or export Ceres files (.cxs, .xml), molfiles or SDfiles from within the structure editor.

2. Right-click pop-up menu

Right-click anywhere in the canvas, or on an element or bond to open a pop-up menu. The contents of the menu depend on what you select:

  • In the canvas, you can copy and paste and change the display settings.

  • For an element, you can also change the element, its charge, valency, and so on.

  • For a bond, you can change the bond type, molecule alignment, and so on.

3. Canvas

The main area where you draw or import chemical structures.

4. Tools

Contains templates for commonly-used structures, plus bonds and charges.

5. Atoms

Select elements, or click to select elements from a periodic table.