Welcome to Nexus

The Nexus interface has common features and functions that are used with all Lhasa Knowledge Suite programs. Each program also has its own specific functions and settings. See the section in the Contents for each program for details.

The Nexus interface enables you to:

For information about the basic processes for creating predictions, queries and reports quickly, see the topics Creating Predictions or Queries and Creating Reports.


About the Nexus Online Help

This online help provides details of how to create predictions, queries and reports quickly, and details of the Nexus interface and knowledge bases. The help also contains more detailed information about how to submit and draw structures for predictions or queries.

For detailed information about individual Lhasa programs, see the relevant online help section.

Hyperlinks are used throughout the help. Some links are to other help pages, but others expand the text to give additional information. For example.


Tutorials are available from the Help menu, and our website, to help you to familiarise yourself with Nexus quickly and easily.

Supporting Documentation

Release Notes detail the new program features in Nexus. Fixes and known issues for the current version of the program are included in the Release Notes or on our website.


We hope that you find the help and supporting documentation useful. If you have any questions or comments about any of the documentation please send an email to Lhasa Account Management.