Sarah Batch Prediction Setup

The Sarah Batch Prediction Setup page allows you to change settings in the following panes:

For details about how to open the Sarah Batch Prediction Setup form refer to the Creating Batch Predictions in Sarah topic.

Prediction Models

Here the available prediction models are shown.

The certified icon denotes a Lhasa-certified read-only model. If any of the model defaults are changed the prediction will not be marked as certified.

At least one model must be selected.

Here you can set the following:

If you change any of these settings you can return to the factory defaults by clicking Use Model Defaults.

Report Configuration

To change the settings for the reports, use the following options:

The tabbed area below the Directory field allows you to configure and create many types of report from your batch prediction. The tab name displays the type and format of the report configured in that tab. To add a new report click a new empty tab .

The options within each tab are:

To remove a report click on the relevant tab.


If you change any settings, you can save these as your 'user defaults', which you can use for other predictions.

To save the settings, click Set As User Defaults. In future predictions, you can use either these user defaults or the system defaults.

Refer to the Creating Batch Predictions topic for further information about running batch predictions.