Sarah Nexus Report Options

Each report design has associated file formats, which have been selected to suit the typical use of the report. Each report design also has standard, default contents, but you can change what is included in the reports to suit your own needs.

If you have Vitic Nexus installed, the results of any Vitic searches that have been run on the same structure as the one you are creating a report for are automatically appended to the report. A list of the queries is shown in the Appendix tab for the Sarah Report design.

For details of the report designs and associated file formats, see Report Designs and Formats and Report File Formats.

To configure the contents of the report use the following tabs (explained below):

Select check boxes to include information, clear check boxes to exclude information.


Here you configure what information is included in the Sarah Report or Data Export (SDF) report types.

To specify what information is included in the report select or clear the check boxes in the list.

Note that the next time you create a report all the options will be selected in the Sections tab.


Here you configure what columns are included in Data Export (Delimited, csv or tsv) files. Select or clear the check boxes to include or exclude the column and its data from your reports.


The following table details the selections available in the Options tab.


Available with Report Design



Sarah Report

Sets the value of the Author field in the report.

Custom Title

Sarah Report

Adds your custom title to the Sarah Nexus Report title bar.


Data Export (Delimited)

Specifies the character to be used as the delimiter in the report.


If you have Vitic Nexus installed, the results of any Vitic queries for the same structure are automatically appended to reports for that structure. To remove Vitic query results from the report, clear the relevant check boxes.

See also Saving Report Designs