Adding Vitic Nexus Results to Nexus Reports

After searching the Vitic Nexus database for your structure drawn in Nexus, you can then include the results of your Vitic Nexus search in Derek Nexus, Meteor Nexus, Sarah Nexus and ICH M7 Reports, as long both predictions have the same parent structure.

To include Vitic Nexus results in a Nexus report:

  1. In the Vitic Results grid, select the structures you want to include in the report. You can use the Select All and Clear All buttons to help with your selections.

  2. In the Predictions pane, select the prediction to which you want to append the Vitic Nexus result, then click .

  3. Select the document [product name] Report Design and choose the appropriate file format. Click the Appendix tab and select the Vitic Nexus result.

  4. Click Email Report or Save Report to generate the report. The Vitic Nexus data is included as an appendix at the end of your report.