Searching Vitic Nexus

You can only search the Vitic Nexus database if you have a licence for Vitic Nexus.

You must also set up a connection to Vitic Nexus before you can run a query.

You can run a query to search the Vitic Nexus database for structures that are an exact match, substructure, superstructure or similar to the submitted structure.

You can run any legal structure through Vitic Nexus.

To change the type of structure search you want to perform refer to the Vitic Prediction Setup topic.

To run the query using the default settings click .

See the relevant program help for details of how to select structures from predictions that are to be submitted for a Vitic Nexus query.

For information about the results returned from the Vitic Nexus database, refer to the Understanding Vitic Nexus Results topic.