Understanding Vitic Nexus Results

When the search is complete the results are returned and displayed within the Nexus framework.

The Vitic Search Results include:

You can sort on any column in this grid by clicking a column header. An arrow appears on the column header indicating whether the data is sorted in ascending or descending order.

You can use the Select All and Clear All buttons to select or deselect all the results in the grid.

Vitic Nexus Toxicity Data

The toxicity data found in the selected endpoint tables is displayed in the Toxicity Data Results grid. Each record found is detailed in this grid using the following fields:

Note: Not all fields are relevant to all endpoint tables. Blank fields can indicate that data is missing for a particular record or that the field is not applicable to a particular endpoint table.

Filtering Your Results

To filter the results in the Toxicity Data Results grid, either:

Storing Results and Including them in Other Nexus Reports

To include Vitic Nexus results in other Nexus application reports see the topic Adding Vitic Nexus Results to Nexus Reports.