Vitic Query Setup

The prediction setup options allow you to change the default settings applied to Vitic searches, and set up a connection to the Vitic Nexus server.

To open the Vitic Prediction Setup page:

  1. Select a structure in the Predictions pane then either:

When you have specified your options, click to query the database.

The Vitic Prediction Setup page is divided into the following areas:


This area displays the structure you have entered to search for in the Vitic database.

Structure Options

Here you can use one of the options to search the structures in the database:

Note Use the NOT option to reverse the effects of a search option.

Vitic Options

Here you must set up a connection to your chosen Vitic Nexus server.

Choose whether to Connect to the Lhasa Hosted or Custom server. You do not need to enter a Server Address, Server Port or Service Name when connecting to the Lhasa hosted server.

If you are connecting to an in-house installation of Vitic Nexus, please contact your Systems Administrator for connection details. Where possible, connection details to the Lhasa-hosted Vitic Nexus server are provided.

Server Address

The address of the Vitic Nexus server, for example localhost/vitic1-0 or (for the online service).

Server Port

The port that Vitic Nexus is installed to, for example 1521 (for the online service). This is chosen on install.

Service Name

The Vitic service name. This is created before Vitic is installed, and configured during the Vitic Nexus installation. viticdb is required for the online service.


Your Vitic Nexus login.


Your Vitic Nexus password.

Save Password

Select this option to save your password in Nexus.


The name of the database you want to connect to, for example VITIC_LHASA.

Table prefix

The table prefix used in the above database, for example VDB_ADMIN.

You can test this connection by clicking Test Connection. For a successful connection, a message Successfully connected is shown. If the connection is unsuccessful, check the connection details.

You can save this connection information for future queries by adding it to your user defaults. Click Set As User Defaults to do this.
Note  If you click Apply System Defaults, this connection information will be lost and you will have to enter it again.


Select the endpoint tables to be searched in the Vitic database. By default, all options are selected.